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DakhaBrakha — is world-music quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. Reflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian «ethnic chaos» band DakhaBrakha, create a world of unexpected new music. The name DakhaBrakha is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time. It means «give/take» in the old Ukrainian language. DakhaBrakha was created in 2004 at the Kyiv Center of Contemporary Art «DAKH» by the avant-garde theatre director — Vladyslav Troitskyi. Theatre work has left its mark on the band performances — their shows have never been staged without the scenic effects. Having experimented with Ukrainian folk music, the band has added rhythms of the surrounding world into their music, thus creating bright, unique and unforgettable image of DakhaBrakha. It will help to open up the potential of Ukrainian melodies and to bring it to the hearts and consciousness of the younger generation in Ukraine and the rest of the world as well. Accompanied by traditional instrumentation from different countries, the quartet’s astonishingly powerful and uncompromising vocal range creates a trans-national sound rooted in Ukrainian culture. At the crossroads of Ukrainian folklore and theatre their musical spectrum is intimate then riotous, plumbing the depths of contemporary roots and rhythms, inspiring «cultural and artistic liberation». DakhaBrakha has played concerts and performances and has taken part in numerous international festivals in Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Slovenia, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Rumunia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norvegia, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, China, Australia, USA, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, Brazil. DakhaBrakha has common project with such a musicians: Port Mone (By), Kimmo Pohjonen Cluster (Fi), Karl Frierson (DePhazz) (Ge), Steve Cooney (IRL), Inna Zhelannaya (Ru), Kievbass (UA), Djam (UA-Iran), David Ingibaryan (Hu). In March 2010 DakhaBrakha won one of the most prestigious Grand Prix prize named after S.Kuriokhin in the sphere of contemporary art and confirmed its actuality once again. In March 2011 DakhaBrakha became the discovery of Australian Womadelaide. This year on January 16th DakhaBrakha has reached the final competition in Shevchenko National Prize in «Musical arts» category and already on February 27th – became the awardees of 2020. On top of that this year on March 27th the group launched a new album «Alambari» – which was recorded in autumn 2019 in Brazil on «Gargolandia» studio and is the fourth music album of DakhaBrakha. This performance is part of the Tracy Brandingen RE/MAX Real Estate Acclaim Series and is show sponsored by Tracy Brandingen of RE/MAX Real Estate. This performance’s media sponsors are 840 CFCW and New Country 98.1.


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