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Classic Albums Live

For old-school music lovers and audiophiles, this series recreates iconic classic rock albums live on the Jack Singer Concert Hall stage, exactly as if you had just placed needle to vinyl. Find out where to rock out all night >>

National Geographic Live

This series brings National Geographic Explorers – and their stunning photographs, video, and stories from the field – to Calgary for inspiring presentations on our natural world, past and present. Explore this season >>

BD&P World Stage

See the best of live performance from around the world, right here in Calgary. Best for the cultural omnivore, this series spans countries and styles for an eclectic collection of mind-blowing artists. See where World Stage can take you >>

Plus new collaborations

This year, we’re working with our friends across Arts Commons and Calgary at large to convene, connect, and collaborate in the name of joy and fun!

What is Arts Commons Presents?

As the programming arm of Arts Commons, Western Canada’s largest performing arts centre, Arts Commons Presents delivers unforgettable live performances and events that any Calgarian can enjoy. Find Arts Commons Presents in the beloved venues at Arts Commons, including the Jack Singer Concert Hall.

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Arts Commons Presents | Performance Experiences in Calgary


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